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northern count aies. hartford -- counties. hartford down through howard. not to say that areas across to kent island. you will get a few hours of snow in the morning, an inch or two of slush. temperatures now depends where you're looking at. we're below freezing in york. the freeze line will shift south overnight tonight. the storm is already moving to garret county, but the main storm is still well to the west arriving in earnest through the morning hours. so snow showers by dawn increasing and picking up in intensity mid morning tomorrow. we're talking about a broad 1-3- inch raid across most of the baltimore region. we'll talk about this more and show you the detailed map straight ahead. >> the state says they are ready to handle whatever falls tomorrow from the skies. an is spokesperson says there are more than 2400 pieces of equipment and 2700 workers ready to hit the roads at midnight. crews have been clearing out drains and checking equipment in anticipation of this weekend's storm. be sure to keep yourself safe if you're driving. >> reporter: if you're heading from the baltimo
and hartford. we're following reports that there has been a shooting at an elementary school. an elementary school named sandy hook. one photograph to share with you as crews rush to the scene. let me bring in my colleague jason carroll who has been working his sources. what do we know? >> disturbing story. the shooting happening at sandy hook elementary school on dickerson drive. this is coming to us from one of our affiliates. police are reporting a number of injuries. the nature of the injuries at this point are unclear. we're going to be checking that throughout the morning. state police sources say that one person is dead. earlier reports of a second shooter. that has not been confirmed at this point. a few more reports, apparently the shooting was reported shortly after 9:40 a.m. this morning. police reported that a shooter was in the -- apparently in the main office. >> which is hard to tell with this image that we're looking at because that's sort of bird's-eye view of the school layout doesn't show where that is. we should mention that one of the tv stations that has been reporting
standing near farragut on the hartford when the tecumseh went down and the brooklyn, which was just ahead of the hartford in the line of ships, stopped at the line of torpedoes, and the whole fleet came to a stop at fort morgan who were punishing them. and that's when farragut orderlied the hartford to go ahead of the brooklyn, and the rest of the ships followed, and they got through. a marine standing near him said he didn't hear any such thing, but i've always thought the important thing was not what he said, but what he did. whether he said damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead or not, he did it. you were asking about farragut's -- the qualities of some of these people, and especially farragut. i think lincoln could have said about farragut as he allegedly said about grant, i can't spare this man, he fights. farragut was the most fighting admiral in the united states navy during the civil war. and he proved it other and over again. but i think most notably in the run-up to the attack on the -- [inaudible] in new orleans in april of 1862. most of his captains, the ship captains in his fl
as they were escorted out of the building. a small community, east of danburry, 45 miles away from hartford, connecticut and 60 miles away from new york city. the school itself has 826 students, kindergarten through 4th grade, young and there is reports of a possible connection between the suspected gunman, ryan lanza, apparently his mother was a teacher at the school and she is reportedly among the dead. we also heard that the gunman's younger brother being held for questioning and there's an active crime scene at that family's home nearby at the suspect's home, neighbors have been told to leave their homes and not have been allowed back in there. one neighbor told cnn, the only neighbor willing to talk described two brothers as troubled. again, that is just being reported from c nn. the area obviously was heavily searched and police were checking to make sure there were no other shooters and we understand that the rest of the schools in the district on lock down for a time to make sure that there was no other concerns and no other problems and even some schools and surrounding districts w
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to hartford county. we have a student who got hurt wrestling at paterson high school. the boy was wrestling when he hurt his spine. he is 16 and in serious condition tonight. >>> a student is charged with bringing a gun to a high school. octavio was arrest. a resource officer found it in the boy's backpack. they didn't find any am in addition. he is 17-year-olds old and being charged as an doesn't. a. >>> a student shot a bibi at another student's head. >>> two construction workers were hurt after a fall about 20 feet. it happened at brick yard square. the cause of the fall is not no. the two men were taken to a trauma center. >>> and a 62-year-old man is dead after an early morning house fire in jacksonville. two firefighters were injured trying to contain the fire. they were taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. there were no fire hydrant ins the area making it difficult to get the flames under control. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >>> and yesterday's fire is now fatal. 87-year-old earnest louis senior. the medical examiner says he died from carbon mono
with "the hartford current" covering these details as they've unfolded. get me up to speed on the latest information you've been able to glean as we've been trying to piece together this horrible puzzle. >> the latest is police are identifying a young man as the shooter and there are victims elsewhere other than the school here. and police are trying to figure out what the heck happened. the medical examiner is setting up a temporary morgue near the school where they're going to work to identify the victims. make motivationnotifications, h identified by the families, begin the long process. >> the manpower that it is going to require to process this forensic scene, to do positive identification matches with each of these bodies, i can't imagine that a town this small could have done this. they have had so many communities come in to help. >> the connecticut state police very typically join in in investigations like this, awful, large-scale incidents. the medical examiner have brought staff down here. everything is on-site and they're working here as expeditiously as possible to begin to
in the book, there was a marine to come back on the look ahead of the hartford and stopped and the whole fleet came to a stop under the guns of fort morgan and that's when they ordered them to go ahead and the rest of the ships followed and they got through. the marine that was standing there said he didn't hear him say any such thing but i have always thought the important thing is and what he said, but what he did. he did order them to go ahead. whether he said damn the torpedoes full speed ahead or not, he didn't. you are asking about the qualities of some of these people i think he could have said as he said about grant i can't spare this man, he fights. he was the most fighting admiral in the navy during the civil war. and he proved it over and over again, but i think most notably in the run-up to the attack in new orleans in april of 1962, most of his captains, the ship captains and the fleet didn't want to make that attempt. he actually called the council of war with the captains on april 22nd, 2 nights before they went, and most of them said it is too risky. they haven't knocked out th
. a pool of cold air moved in overnight over new england. hartford at 32. it's 17 degrees warmer right now in new york. but that cold air that just temporarily settled in overnight will be pushed out in a hurry during the day to day. all the warm air to the south will win out. temperatures are going to rise rapidly. should head up to 58 today in hartford after starting out in 32. that is pretty incredible, almost a 30 degree temperature rise during the daylight hours. 73 the forecast high in washington, d.c. today. you don't even need the jacket this afternoon. you notice the middle of the country, too, very warm. it's just pretty nice. i mean it's ending but enjoy it. >> all right. bill, thanks so much. >>> just ahead, how does lindsay lohan spell trouble? irs. that's right. plus, sometimes a tv shoot can be too realistic. we'll tell you why. [ male announcer ] this is bob, a regular guy with an irregular heartbeat. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem, a condition that puts him at greater risk for a stroke. [
it $650 million. hartford pegged its storm losses as high as $350 million. analysts say the companies can absorb the impact. both stocks were higher. travelers rallied 4.9%, closing less than one dollar away from a new 52-week high. hartford added 2.9%. drug giant pfizer had encouraging news on an experimental breast cancer drug. with up to $6 billion in potential global sales, the stock rallied. shares jumped 1.9% on heavier than usual volume. while the breast cancer drug tests were positive, any regulatory approval wouldn't happen for at least a couple of years. three of the five most actively traded exchange traded products were up. the financial e.t.f. had the best gains, up 1.2%. and that's tonight's "market focus." >> susie: a tough day for investors in freeport mcmoran. the stock plunged 16% on news that the mining company is buying two oil and gas producers. it's paying $9 billion for plains exploration and production company and mcmoran exploration company. diane eastabrook has details on freeport's plans to build a larger, more diversified company. >> reporter: freeport mcmoran
are in place in new england, especially north in areas of providence, hartford, connecticut, all the way up through boston. temperatures this morning all the way down to d.c., about 25 degrees colder. so that cold front that went through yesterday has really ushered in a nice chilly air mass this morning. be prepared when you step outside for that. the only areas with snow or rain, minnesota, light rain. maybe snow showers in northern wisconsin. that's not going to accumulate either. so the forecast for today, it's a very cold start to your day in new england. it will improve a little bit this afternoon. sprinkles and showers in florida. for the most part, a nice, quiet thursday around the country. a rainy friday for a lot of us. >>> good news in the fight against cancer. and that cup of starbucks may be a little easier to find. >>> plus, billionaire bill mcafee is in police custody. what did he know about the murder of his neighbor and why was he fleeing police for three weeks? you're watching "first look" on msnbc. ♪ if it wasn't for you ♪ don't know what i'd do ♪ i'd have nothing t
. the roads will be slick. you're taking a look at hartford county, no delays on mountain road norks problems getting to white marsh this morning. heading up to hunt valley, this is what 83 looks like at schwann road. things do remain clear as you get onto the jfx and head downtown. you're looking at an 11-minute ride traveling on east fayette street. 695 right now conditions are nice and clear on the east side. it's going to take you 11 minutes on the outer loop from 95 all the way up to 83. and this same travel time over on the west side to travel the outer loop from 795 all the way down to 95. that's a look at your abc 2 time saver traffic. megan and charley, over tou. >>> news time right now 6:16. if you want to get healthy this year, just take a look at your kitchen cupboards. what do you see? if your answer is sugary foods, fried foods, then it's time for a cleanout completely renovate it. they say this contains the five food felons, added sugars, syrups, grain that is not 100% whole grain, saturated fat or transfats. these ingreed yenlts will age you inside and out. the product label
is happening in newtown, connecticut, it's about an hour away from hartford, connecticut, the capital of that state. right now what we know, 9:41, a call for police according to what we're hearing from state police, they said they got a call from newtown police and they have sent state police to that scene. 9:57, a reverse 911 call went out. we'll go back to wvit where their reporter liz dahl reporting just moments ago what was happening on the ground. >> this is a photo just in to our newsroom of students being evacuated in the last hour or so from sandy hook elementary school. looking at that, that's a snapshot in time literally. it looks like it was done in a fairly orderly fashion. and for the sake of the kids, it doesn't look like it was done in a way where there will be a residual emotional effect. what you want to do is give them the sense that everything is under control. >> we're talking about kindergartners to first graders, we're talking about very young children. investigators did go room by room to evacuate the school to make sure that these kids are out. >> let's go back
for the opportunity. i also am a neighbor of the 281 hartford house? >> excuse me ma'am, could you state your name? >> joan leffler. i feel that taking this neighborhood i have been in 15 and it's an rh-1 zone neighborhood and turning it into a commercial venture is not the right thing to do. i do think this are other properties that could well accommodate a child-care center. this is a 900 or 950-square-foot house and they want to put 21 kids. i'm also a real estate agent and i think it diminishes the value of the property because if a lot of people work at home these days and you will hear a lot of kids throughout the day. i had a house recently across from the school and the first question out of everybody's mouth is what about the school? how loud is it? if it's right next to you, it's very loud and all the way around there is a lot of neighborhood people that are concerned. so i hope that you don't pass it. i am sure that the polka dot school is very good and i know there is a lot of room and we need a lot of great teachers and item sure they are great, but i don't think it longs belongs i
. >>> a large crowd gathered to remember the victims in hartford. children could ride the carousel during a winter festival. it was canceled so that children and adults could gather there for that vigil. people across the country held vigils for the victims, survivors and their families in newtown. a main street in walnut creek, a dozen people met with candles. more than 200 people attended a vigil in rancho cordova. they were supposed to meet on how to prevent crimes against children. there's a vigil that starts at 8:00 in golden gate park. you can find more at cbssf.com. >>> we are looking at a chilly weekend and some rain. >> just a little bit. >> just enough to have to carry that umbrella around. >> exactly. it's a knewnuisance rain today. we are starting out with a little bit of sun here and there around the bay area. there's just a few tiny echoes offshore. those indicate a system that's spinning up out in the pacific. it will spread with clouds and rain. it's not going to amount to much, maybe a tenth of an inch of rain, something like that by midnight tonight. there's more on the
in upstate new york. we still have the win themy mix back through the hartford area. we also stloe to keep an eye out for these storms where we do have a severe thunderstorm watch posted and eventually will see severe thunderstorm warnings get issued i'd say all across louisiana. all of those flashes of light, that's the cloud to ground lightning we're seeing. very strong storms back through louisiana and northeastern texas, as well. you go further north. we have winter weather warnings and advisories and watches basically from texas all the way up into northern new england and slowly going to see this thing start to spread eastward. however, for the gulf coast area, especially right along the coast where we are going to see the biggest threat for tornadoes. even the shading of yellow here from eastern texas all the way into western south carolina, we have the potential of very strong storms with wind gusts up to 70 miles per hour and also the chance of seeing a lot of cloud to ground lightning, as well. here's a look at our snowfall forecast. parts of oklahoma picking up 3 to 6 inches of
. give yourself extra time, providence, hartford, boston, all areas along the mass pike. even new hampshire and vermont, rare that you are getting a soaking rain in the middle of the night this time of year. but there's no cold air around. only the mountainous areas of maine will get snow out of this. today's forecast, we already cleared out the rain. we should get sunshine in here. it will be a warm day before that cold front moves through. temperatures in the 50s, near 60. the warmest day for a long time. even in new england, we will be watching the rain exiting during the day. the next storm is on its heels. this will be a big winter storm heading for denver late tonight and tomorrow in the central plains as we go throughout wednesday and thursday. that could even be a blizzard in areas of kansas. winter is showing up, just not in the eastern half of the country. >> thank you very much for that. >>> now we have some breaking news to report. an iraqi official tells the associated press that iraqi's president has suffered a stroke and a medical team is working to stabilize him. m
's power outage numbers. 1800 people are in the dark right no. not too bad. most in hartford and baltimore counties. as we brace for high wind, the highway administration is warning people to stay off the road until morning because they would freeze overnight. but driving here shh nothing compared to the midwest. record snow on the ground tonight in the midwest. these pictures are from indiana. airports being caused problems. the same storm system is showing tornadoes in the south. it is those storms impacting us. lots of problems here at the baltimore washington thurgood international airport. cleveland, denver. canceled, delayed. we have the latest traffic delays and travel delays. log onto abc2news.com/traffic. >>> well, they each loaned hiss company thousands of dollars, but now former friends of a baltimore sales man are fighting him in co . they say they fronted huge amounts of money for hal katz's business. some of them are regular joes that loaned their friend all the money they saved. >> you know him from tv. the pitch man who plays loud music points to the screen and says he can
on the eastside, camera shake in the breeze. nice sunset. belaire the heart of hartford we find a mostly cloudy sky most of the day toward sunset. the view from charm city, always a charming one on main street. winds north and west. 15 to 20, gusting higher, gusting closer to 25 and 30 here at the top of the hour. winds from the west creating this wind chill factor in the 20s. take 10, 15 degrees off the air temperature with that kind of chill. the overall set up a clear one. the main storm system continuing to blow out to the north and east. tomorrow temperatures will bounce up close to 40 degrees. this is what becomes interesting. move into saturday with the new storm. watch the air temperatures into the day saturday. right around 32, 33, we will be right on that freezing temperature in central maryland. just north and west of baltimore we will be at or below freezing all day. that means even as the storm moves out and the next one approaches, air temperatures will support some winter weather. no question about that. just a matter of how much and the times. let's pin it down. blast are you to
about 47 degrees and in hunt valley. 48 and essex. we see the temperatures over into hartford county at 36 in bel air and 47 and 48. let's get a check of the two time saver traffic. good morning. >>> we're dealing with the rain and sleet right now in frederick and hagerstown. be careful traveling there. and nice and clear. no problems from york road down to the beltway and 695, the east side along. no problems all the bay up to 83. as we -- all the way up to 83. and the drive times you will notice the beltway in great shape. it will take you the normal 11 minutes now traveling the outer loop from 795 down to 59. everything is up to speed through the tunnel. traveling northbound all the way to the toll plaza. over to you. >>> so you are at home hanging out with the family over pizza and you get a call from the white house. it could happen. >> that's what happened to a woman after one of her works of art is chosen for an honor. she is heading to washington, dc. what that is all about. you ever notice that some people just have a knack for giving the perfect gift? they put real thought
like at hartford road. everything is moving along. no problems up to towson. this is what the corner looks like. and green spring. traffic is starting to pick up on the outer loop as you make the drive to liberty road. you are looking at a 13 minute ride from 795 to 95. that's a look at your time saver traffic. over to you. >> and we're 15 minutes from away from 7:00. it was over the internet. a clip of how bad the streets can be. a tourist is beat robbed and strip. and one of the robbers will be in court to leash her fate. we have the story this morning. >> reporter: and see will be in it is the same place she was involved in the crime she is being sentenced for. >> and back in march. and the whole thing was videotaped and went viral on line. and a woman is seen beating the victim with a shoe. it show as man being beaten and robbed. people were so enraged here and they received enough tips to identify the suspect and bring them in. and they have been sentenced at 9:30. she is expected to receive up to three years in prison. >> the heartbreaking pain of losing a child brought dozen o
of connecticut. we have not heard from him yet today but that will start from the state capital in hartford in a few moments. we will bring it live. investigators are looking for answers and are running to where the deadly day began. that would be the shooter's own home. adam lanza lived there with his mother in a well to do neighborhood ten miles from our location near sandy hook. police say he began the day friday morning by shooting his mother several times in the head while show was still in bed. if there were problems brewing at home you would not have known it from talking to her. she rarely discussed her homelife but was clearly devoted to her children. a short time ago we got word that nancy lanza did not like to leave her son alone. now, what are you learn about this relationship? >> this information is reported from a mediator that helped nancy and peter through their 2009 divorce. they are reporting she felt she didn't want to leave the son alone but the divorce was going calmly and the two people involved here agreed on how their son should be treated. things went rather quickly
the hartford current on its website, the newspaper out of hartford, connecticut. a number of injured parties, we are told. the nature of the injuries not clear. don't know how serious they are. there are unconfirmed reports of two shooters, one still at large, one dead. it was 9:40 in the morning, about an hour and ten minutes ago, police report a shooter in the main office of the school, a person in one room had, quote, numerous gunshot sounds. groups of students said to be crying and holding hands, being escorted away from the school by their teachers. some of the students apparently are still inside the school as of 10:30 this morning, which would have been 22 minutes ago. >> we understand the school is now on lockdown mode. what you're seeing on your screen on the left side of your screen is the first and only, as far as we know, photo of the scene. this is from the hartford current, and that all you can see there of course is the yellow police case cord dong off the scene and some adults in the background there, hard to know if those are parents showing up at the school or teachers esco
be in that area, would be able to get there quickly. as you see from len's video heading on i-84 from hartford, they called for s.w.a.t. teams from all over the state. many, many state police resources there. one person was transported to the hospital. newtown volunteer ems confirmed to "eyewitness news" they transported someone shot in the foot. this is not just shots fired in the school. we not at least one person hurt in the gunfire. >> we're seeing sad photos, kids are traumatized as leaving the school. parents are asked to stay by the phone. do not go to the school. there are lines of pirnts at the firehouse where some children were evacuated. at this point we're getting unconfirmed reports there is one shooter. some reports are saying two shooters. most of the reports are consistent there are several injuries. there is some new information coming out saying that danbury hospital has already received at least three people. >> and also we know bridgeport hospital, new haven hospital, both on standby. as well as they are, all the hospitals have teams they activate in the case of possible si
head and said, 'and to think he wasn't even a rich man. ' c-span: where was he born? >> guest: hartford, connecticut, 1837. c-span: what were his parents like? >> guest: his father was a very successful merchant, junius spencer morgan, who worked in hartford and then boston, and then moved to london in 1854 to become an anglo-american merchant banker. and he and pierpont, basically, were funneling european capital to the emerging american economy. i mean, we really were the emerging economy in the 19th century. he was very conservative, very upright, very much concerned to build an international banking dynasty that would rival the rothschilds and baring brothers, and he did. i mean, over the next 80 years, the morgan bank--especially in america--rothschild didn't really see what america was going to be. they had one man, august belmont, who was very good. but junius morgan staked the future on his son and on america. he was very, very supervisory and censorious and critical of his son, and determined that his son was going to be sort of an upright man with a solid-gold reputation. and
in suburban maryland, flew to hartford and then drove. the weather here is not good right now, so he could not chopper -- could not come over by marine one. had to drive from hartford, an hour, hour and a half drive from here, and we're in newtown watching what's going on. all of these makeshift memorials have just sprung up. you can't -- you can virtually not even drive through the small streets of newtown right now it's so, croso crowded. people are bringing candles, flowers, candles, teddy bears, legos. we're getting ready for what will be a very, very emotional memorial service. i'm wolf blitzer reporting here from newtown. anderson cooper is right down the street. he's near the high school. he's joining us as well. anderson? >> yeah, that's right, wolf. i'm actually right right outside the high school. you see the inside of the auditorium there and really full to capacity. a lot of people still outside looking like they're letting some more people in. i'm not sure what part of the high school they'll be in. they'll probably have some overflow rooms available. we also understand the pr
] state farm. more mobile than ever. get to a better state. >>> the hartford "current" newspaper has released a chilling account of the shooting with some very hard to read details, the article has the headline, a methodical massacre, heart and heroics, it goes into great detail about what happened on friday morning. i want to bring in david owen now, he's been reporting at the "current" for 18 years. david i want to go through this with you when i was reading this. one of the things that stood out to me the most was after he blasted his way into the school. he could have gone left and he could have gone right and he made a choice. >> he chose to go left. towards the classrooms. and we wish we could understand why. we don't know. >> and there were on the right, there were kids also, classrooms. >> yes. >> auditorium. that was the choice. >> that was the choice he made, towards the first graders. >> tell me about how he got into the school. i know that we know he had shot his way in you know some details about how. >> there were conflicting reports. but our understanding now is that h
unimaginable in a town like this. this is a town of about 30,000 people, the new york city and hartford suburbs where, frankly, we never come forstories because things like this and really not a lot of crime at all happens here. and this is going to be something that's not going to take days, it's not going to take weeks or months or years. this is going to be decades. hopefully when people can absorb what happens here the magnitude of this is just tremendous and the loss that so many people are feeling here, a lot of them just don't want to even go on camera right now and talk with us and you because it's too difficult to handle and we are doing the best we can to comfort them as much as we are to report the story. >> o'donnell: less, houfrp were you able to see when the children were being evacuated from the school and reunited with their parents who arrived on the scene? >>. >> on this end, there wasn't a lot of reunions going on. on this end, police were trying to secure the scene. you can see there's a road here just behind the school and there was particular interest in the gate here, we'
pouring into the area from across the state, including from hartford, where crisis responders know violence all too well. >> we want to pour our love in and say, you know, this could have been our children, could have been anybody's children. >> you have some serious mental health issues that we have yet to begin to even talk about. >> reporter: one of the first people we met near the school was this man, who said he had stood out here all night long. >> it's heart breaking, to hear, especially that there was little kids involved. i don't know. i don't know. this guy, this guy that felt the need to do this, i hope he burns in hell. >> reporter: this is a very busy spot here in sandy hook. and one where the love is obvious. this community is still in shock, but maybe in some small way, starting to heal. as you can see, police are still blocking off the street that gives access to anybody to that area where this entire tragedy began yesterday morning. live in sandy hook, in newtown, connecticut, john sasaki, ktvu channel 2news. >>> and we have new video this evening of the bay area's
from across the state, including from hartford where crisis responders know violence all too well. is >> we want to pour our love in and say this could have been our children. this could have been anybody's children. >> serious mental health issues we have yet to even begin to talk about. >> reporter: this man said he had stood out here all night long. >> it's heartbreaking to hear that, especially that there's little kids involved. i don't know. this guy that felt the need to do this, i hope he burns in hell. >> this is a very busy spot here in sandy hook, one where the love is obvious. this community is still in shock but many in some small way starting to heal. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. >> tomorrow president obama is scheduled to attend an interfaith memorial service in newtown. this will be the fourth time president obama has made such a visit following a mass shooting. in his weekly address today, he offered condolences and a call to action. >> we have to come together and we'll have to take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this from happening, regardl
shares of other insurers in the annuity business. hartford financial services was up 3.6%. volume almost doubled. caribou coffee will go private. a german investment group has agreed to pay $16 per share for caribou, totaling $340 million dollars. caribou shares shot up 30.7%, closing just above the buyout price. the market thinks a higher offer could be coming. the buyer is the same german group which bought out peet's coffee in october. all five most actively traded exchange traded products were up. the financial sector fund saw the strongest buying, up 2.1%. and that's tonight's "market focus." >> tom: it was eight years ago this month sprint announced it was buying nextell communications for $35 billion. sprint will wind down the service by next year. today the company announced a new multibillion dollar deal, with sprint agreeing to by the rest of clearwater it doesn't already known. the price tag is $2.97 per share costing sprint $2.2 billion in cash. this leads us to tonight's word on the street, band witt, joe deaux with us with its street.com in new york. joe, if sprint is succe
, who has written a letter in this morning's "hartford courant." she writes, may the memories of those beautiful children and those heroic adults be a blessing for your community and for our country. >> and for more on the somber ceremonies, we're joined by wendy gillette in newtown. good morning, wendy. >> reporter: good morning, rob and sunny. newtown is a very different place. one week ago, at this time, it was a different place. a quiet, small town where violence was extremely rare. now, as the nation continues to heal after the massacre, many will pause this morning to remember what was lost. bells across connecticut will toll 26 times at 9:30 this morning, marking the exact moment when terror invaded sandy hook elementary school. governor dan malloy called for a moment of silence at that hour. and asked places of worship with bells to ring them once for every person shot to death in the school. clergy say they will do the same to honor the victims. and many governors asked residents to observe a moment of silence. yesterday, friends and family said good-bye to four more children.
. but you can see from boston back into hartford, right down into new york city, it's all rain at this point. we did have a line of heavy thunderstorms move through new york city last night, producing torrential downpours and very gusty winds, but look at some of the snowfall totals so far. there are so many areas from new york through pennsylvania back into ohio that have already picked up a foot or more of snow. in connecticut, we picked up about six inches of snow before it did change over to rain, which it's going to stay as all rain at this point, but we do still have winter storm warnings and advisories posted, now mostly across central and northern new england, where we are still looking at additional snowfall accumulations. and look at that all across northern vermont, areas that want it, especially in the ski resorts, should pick up more than two feet of snow. the purple area is where we should see a foot or more, and areas back across massachusetts only an additional inch or so, especially inland areas where it is still all snow right now. as for wind gusts, the jersey shore, brick
. in baltimore, the airport was shut down at one point. today's forecast, the heavy rain, hartford northward it will be moving out throughout the day. at least it's warm. you have to feel bad for the ski lovers, the snowmobilers, anyone who has anything do with winter recreation. this has been a miserable start to winter. where winter will be full force, a snowstorm heading from the rockies it will nail areas of nebraska, iowa and wisconsin. it looks to miss chicago. it looks like areas to the north and west of chicago will get snow. that's tomorrow into thursday. the forecast today will be clearing it out during the morning in new england, the southeast looks just fine. >> unbelievable how warm it is in the northeast. i was hoping for a bit of snow. >> only a week of snow, it's not looking good for a white christmas. >> yeah, and i'm going skiing. >>> there are new signs that the fiscal cliff negotiations are picking up and the two sides may actually be edging closer to compromise. this morning speaker boehner is expected to meet with house republicans to share details of his latest meeting
mostly from boston down to hartford. new york city still breezy, but it is ail rain. we're done with that icy mix. we did have some flooding, especially down near the battery, but we are seeing impro improvements to that as well as the high tide starts to recede. there is still a chance across central new england that we could end up with another one to two feet of snow, again, mostly in the ski resorts, but inland massachusetts up into southern new hampshire still seeing some troubles on the roads this morning. temperatures along the coast are r running in the upper 30s and lower 40s, so it will be raining through the rest of the morning, but we will see improvements as we go into the afternoon, especially in new york city. washington, d.c., will already start to see some improvements this morning, temperatures in the 40s. and then tomorrow it looks nice and sunny through the northeast as all those airports try to get back on track with more than 1,000 airport delays yesterday. >> i know. i was a casualty. >> oh, nice. but you're here this morning, so. >> i know, sadly, i am. t
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